Sharjah Holding and the University of Sharjah sign a memorandum of understanding

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: Sharjah Holding announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Sharjah, recently at the university’s headquarters, in the presence of both Professor Hamid M. K. Al- Naimiy, Chancellor at the University of Sharjah, HE. Walid Al Hashimi, CEO of Sharjah Holding, and several senior employees of both parties.

Professor Hamid M. K. Al- Naimiy welcomed this cooperation, which shows the university’s pioneering role in serving the local community and endeavour to provide the highest standards of quality in the scientific, academic and research fields, to develop the practical skills and knowledge of students, and to encourage them to be in continuous communication and knowledge of the latest scientific developments in their specializations and to prepare them for future professions.

For his part, Walid Al Hashimi, CEO of Sharjah Holding, said that “the signing of the memorandum comes within the framework of strengthening cooperation between the two parties. It meets the needs of students, and we welcome the organisation of scientific conferences and forums within the best and latest global practices in various fields.”

The memorandum aims to enhance cooperation between the two parties in the areas of conducting research, scientific studies and consultations related to the activities of the “Jahzin” program of the Sharjah Holding.

The “Jahzin” program is an initiative offered by Sharjah Holding that aims to orient students and recent graduates for the labour market and the challenges they will face.

The “Jahzin” program aims to teach the student how to conduct scientific research using appropriate methodology and be able to present his work and professionally publish his scientific papers.